Obtaining Low-Cost Life Insurance

CT life insurance

One of the main reasons you may see an increase in your life insurance costs is a poor result from a physical exam. As people age, insurance costs will usually rise due to signs of poor physical health. There are some effective ways to ethically and legally ensure that the results of your physical have the best possible outcome.

A small variation in the results of tests for cholesterol, blood pressure, nicotine, and a few other factors can make all the difference in the world between receiving a great rate on your CT life insurance policy and seeing your payments increase. It simply requires getting tested at a time when at your best health, utilizing techniques to naturally lower cholesterol.

Red wine lowers cholesterol naturally

Recent reports inform us that red wine can help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. What most people don’t know is how quickly it can have an effect. Having a glass of red wine each night one week before an exam can help lower cholesterol levels significantly.

Oatmeal has a similar effect

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved advertising that oatmeal can help lower cholesterol levels as well. Having a bowl of oatmeal each morning, minus the butter, for the week leading up to an exam can significantly help in making sure your cholesterol level is at its very best.

Foods to avoid

Avoid fatty foods like hamburgers and any other type of fatty foods served, especially served at fast food restaurants. They can raise blood fat levels prior to an exam. Make a list of high cholesterol foods to avoid, and eat only foods that are low in cholesterol. One of the biggest culprits for raising blood pressure is caffeine. Most people have a tough time starting the morning without that early cup of coffee, but avoiding coffee prior to an exam is recommended.

Staying away from overly salty foods will also help to keep blood pressure under control. Avoid any activity that may be stressful, reduce intake of alcoholic beverages, and refrain from strenuous exercise in the hours prior to an exam.

Fasting for 8-12 hours, drinking plenty of water, and not smoking tobacco in any form will help make sure that your levels are at their best. Even second hand smoke can show up in tests if inhaled in large amounts. Maintaining low cost ct life insurance coverage begins with staying healthy, eating right, and avoiding the wrong foods.