Obtain Comprehensive Insurance For Your Nursing Home

Nursing home owners obtain insurance to secure their assets as well as employees. The cost of nursing home insurance is quite reasonable, and you should acquire a comprehensive insurance plan to ensure your facility is thoroughly protected.

General Liability Insurance

A child runs through the halls of your nursing home and breaks his leg. The parents, blaming your facility for the incident, decide to sue you. With general liability insurance, you are protected in this type of situation. All of your defense and settlements costs are covered, and even your lawyer fees are paid for. This type of insurance is also helpful in situations where your employees are accused of causing property damage or physical injuries.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is another type of coverage worth having. Nursing homes are affected by a number of destructive events, including fires, floods, and thefts. Property insurance reimburses you for any property that is lost or damaged during one of these events. Everything from equipment to inventory is protected by this type of coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace injuries are bound to occur, and with workers’ compensation insurance, you are covered for the resulting expenses. The injured employee’s medical fees and lost wages are also covered.

Do not worry yourself about the cost of nursing home insurance., as coverage can be secured at an affordable price. Make sure your assets and employees are protected by securing a comprehensive insurance plan for your nursing home.