Non Owned Auto Insurance Is Vital to the Staffing Industry

Having a non owned auto insurance plan in place is essential to staffing companies that regularly make use of hired or personal employee vehicles. While these vehicles are often required to perform certain tasks, lacking an appropriate insurance policy can be the source of much strife should an accident occur. The following information illustrates just how crucial securing a suitable policy can be to a staffing agencys ultimate success.

What Is Non-Owned Auto Liability?

Non owned auto insurance covers those vehicles not actually owned by the company in question. This usually entails vehicles that are rented or hired by a company, or those personally owned by employees. While these vehicles may include existing insurance policies, such policies do not always prove sufficient under the circumstances.

How Can Insurance Help Your Staffing Agency?

In many cases, using rented or employee-owned vehicles can be far more cost-effective than purchasing them outright. However, should an accident occur a reliable insurance policy will be needed to ensure all parties remain covered no matter what. A single accident can all but dismantle even the most successful staffing agency thanks to excessive court fees and medical bills.

Stay Protected With the Right Policy

Without the right coverage in place, accidents involving vehicles not owned by a specific staffing company can have a disastrous impact on all involved. In this event, implementing a non owned auto insurance policy can greatly benefit virtually every staffing firm using non owned vehicles to undertake important tasks.