Who Needs Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Whether you are an independent contractor, a service provider, or a small business owner, you or your company can be at risk of expensive lawsuits without errors omissions in Manhattan. You may be a computer software designer, a contractor, or the owner of a photography studio. Or perhaps you own a bakery specializing in wedding cakes, have a bookkeeping service, or design custom sun rooms. When you provide services to people there can sometimes be a problem with a meeting of the minds, and that can result in lawsuits.

Professional liability insurance can protect you if a client files a lawsuit claiming you did or didn’t provide a service or fulfill a professional obligation. Depending on the type of insurance coverage you choose, it may also protect you when clients claim you or your company caused them service interruption or financial loss. Wedding planners, travel companies, and computer programmers are all at risk of this type of lawsuit as well.

Dissatisfied customers and clients can bring claims against you because they feel wronged, were less than satisfied with your job performance, or believed you didn’t complete part of your job (omission). Other clients may sue to avoid paying large sums of money they owe you. Everyone that provides advice to the public should have insurance for errors omissions in Manhattan.