Medical Practice Questionnaires

Your doctor’s office doesn’t just call you for appointment reminders, they often have an automated system which calls you as a follow-up to your visits in an effort to get you to rate their services. They’re not trying to be annoying. The reason many practices are employing the use of post-visit medical questionnaires is simple: they’re interested you as more than just a bill-paying patient.


Think about all the personal information your doctors and nurses know about you. It’s imperative for you to trust in their ability to keep that information confidential. That trust enables you to divulge your true symptoms and circumstances to the medical staff at the doctor’s office. Medicine is moving in a direction which treats the patient’s whole being instead of simply one ailment or illness at a time. They’re invested in your well-being. In this vein, doctors ask questions about:

  • Your mental state, stressors and triggers.
  • Both the medications and supplements you’re taking.
  • Your living environment.
  • Whether you have people on which you rely in your life.

Follow Up

Part of the post-visit questionnaires usually asks if you received treatment from any particular staff member which stands out in your mind. Your doctor’s office rewards those staff members who treat patients well, which in turn encourages all the staff to treat everyone well.

Help your doctor’s office give you the best service by answering those post-visit medical questionnaires.