Marine Facilities and Risk: Putting the Pleasure Back in Pleasure Boating

pleasure boat insurance program

Business owners in the recreational boating industry know how important it is to have protection both in and out of the water. Securing a customized pleasure boat insurance program can help safeguard your business and your clients from unnecessary risk.

Who Needs Coverage?

Recreational boating insurance offers coverage to the gamut of businesses that operate within this specialized segment of the marine industry. Whether your business is a marina, yacht club, boat builder, ship repairer, boat dealership or marine manufacturer, you can obtain insurance customized to suit your needs.

What Types of Coverage Are Offered?

The specifics of coverage depend upon the type of business you are operating. A boat dealership, for instance, might be interested in new and pre-owned extended service plans, whereas a yacht club would likely be seeking coverage for watercraft fleets, captain’s liability, boat and yacht property protection and indemnity, and legal liability coverage.

In addition to setting up your pleasure boat insurance program, your local licensed marine insurance specialist can also consult with you regarding loss control services and effective claims management strategies to further protect your business. Take that next step and contact an agent so that you can safeguard your business and put the pleasure back in pleasure boating.