Making Sure Your Marina Is Properly Insured

Insurance programs for marinas

Insurance programs for marinas, like the marinas themselves, come in many shapes and sizes. Whether your marina is a small facility where boats come for the night or a large multi-use facility offering docking, sailing classes and long-term storage, there is an insurance program for you. Navigating the sea of offerings can be overwhelming, but using an insurance company that specializes in marine insurance programs can take much of the headache out of the process of finding the right policy.

The insurance policy you select for your marina should cover not just the action taking place on the water, but, also, the events and marina facilities that exist on the land. Both of these areas make up your marina, so both of them have to be covered by your insurance policy. Plus, any and all people working for the marina have to be covered, that includes volunteers. If this sounds confusing, that is where an experienced insurance agent can help. An insurance agent will have the experience and knowledge to guide you in selecting the proper coverage for your marina.

Insurance programs for marinas are there to protect your marina’s business. Taking the time to make sure your marina is properly covered can mean the difference between staying open and closing for good when an accident happens.