The Long and Winding Road

CT auto insurance

Cars are a necessary part of life for most people. For everything from work commutes to long road trips that cover many miles, you probably spend a good deal of time in your car. When looking for CT auto insurance, be sure to consider how you use your car and customize a policy that meets your needs.

Consider This

There are many different types of coverage you can buy, and you may not need or want them all. Some examples are:

  • Liability coverage, which protects you from damage you cause to others
  • Medical payments coverage, which covers medical expenses for you and others riding in your car
  • Collision coverage, which protects you from loss in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage, which protects you from loss in an event such as fire

These are just a few of the types of coverage available to you. Some coverages may be required by law in your state.

Consider That

It is a good idea to compare the value of your car to the coverage you are purchasing. If your auto is very old and is only worth a few thousand dollars, it may not make fiscal sense to carry a lot of insurance. Contact a CT auto insurance company to make the best choice.