Liability Insurance for Independent Truckers and Trucking Companies

Liability Insurance

General liability coverage is often viewed as a one-size-fits-all policy that every company needs, especially by new owners and first-time startup managers. The truth is, it is very general coverage and most of its provisions are broadly useful, but it does still need to reflect the industry and business model of the company in question. A transport company isn’t necessarily going to have the same avenues of liability as a manufacturer, after all, and that is true across industries if you do a close comparison. That’s why it’s a good idea to get quotes on transport liability coverage, the form of general liability insurance built for truckers and businesses that employ them.

Protect Your Workers and Clients

General liability policies provide for some medical costs associated with accidents under certain circumstances, and they usually provide it for your workers where other coverage does not, as well as for visitors and members of the public. When your business is based out of a moving vehicle, that changes the way your general liability has to work, because the most common injuries that happen in the vehicle will either be during loading and unloading or due to an accident. You’re also going to have third party liability that isn’t common in other industries, and you need coverage that addresses it. That’s what transport liability insurance is made for.