Liability Coverage as a Part of Your Operating Strategy


Getting ahead of the competition is an important goal for any company, and those in the boat building industry are no different. By providing superior craftsmanship, unmatched performance, and industry-leading quality, you can set yourself above the rest of the boating manufacturers. Protecting the safety of your clients and those who use your products is important, but protecting your company’s investment is equally necessary. The right boat manufacturer insurance policy should be a part of your business strategy for longevity.

The Need for Insurance

Just like any manufacturing company, there is an inherent risk to your operations. The size and scope of your company matter little, as one accident or incident could financially devastate your business. Risks are present both before and after you launch a vessel, and comprehensive insurance can address those unique risks. With property coverage, you could find assistance for claims dealing with:

  • Business property such as building, docks, or piers
  • Inventory
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Business interruptions
  • Vessels under construction

There are also liability coverage concerns with your operations, potentially include general liability, crime, commercial auto, pollution, sea trial protection and indemnity, and legal liabilities of ship repairment or marina operators. Experienced professionals, like those working with Merrimac, can assess the extent of your operating exposures and recommend a policy that carries the limits and specifics you need for maximum protection.