Why Law Firms Buy Commercial Crime Insurance

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Lawyers have a reputation for knowing how to stay out of legal trouble. For that reason, they offer effective counsel to small business owners. If you run a small organization, you don’t only have to listen to the words of your attorney. Instead, you can look to the business practices of the law firm to better run your company. Because law firm managers often choose to purchase commercial crime insurance, such as an Axis policy, perhaps you should consider adding crime coverage to your small business’s policy.

Computer Crimes Are on the Rise

When law firms handle client money or online accounts, they often insulate themselves from liability by purchasing commercial crime coverage. Even if you can trust your employees not to steal from your company or your customers, you may not be able to safeguard against external cyber threats. If someone steals your client’s information or money through a hack, an Axis policy that includes commercial crime coverage may help you avoid liability.

Crimes Happen

It is hard to control rogue employees. If one of your workers steals from you or a client, commercial crime insurance may help control the damage. Remember, lawyers, are trained to avoid legal liability. Since a growing number of firms are purchasing commercial crime insurance, such an Axis policy, it may be time for your small business to follow suit.