Key Features Of Nursing Home Liability Coverage

A robust policy with good liability insurance for nursing homes is a must in today’s world. Good liability policies should include should include the following types of coverage.

Liability Insurance for Nursing Homes Professional Liability

This covers injury that occurs to nursing home residents that result from some type of identified negligence or error on the part of the nursing home staff. This includes accidental injuries as well as those arising from elder abuse. The best policies include coverage for all resident services such as beauticians as well as caregivers, administrators, medical directors, cooks, housekeepers and more. The best professional liability insurance for nursing homes will also include protection against claims of “resident rights violation” and should have no exclusions allowed for sexual or physical abuse coverage.

General Liability

This insurance covers injury to non-residents, such as visiting family members, delivery personnel, service workers and more. Bodily injury, personal injury and property damage are standard features of general liability policies.

Excess Liability

This coverage offers insurance with higher limits and is always a recommended choice for nursing homes wanting the best protection.

Some coverage levels of liability insurance for nursing homes may be mandated and may even vary from state to state. Working with an insurance professional who knows the medical and especially the nursing home insurance market is the wisest way to make sure you select the coverage and policy that will provide the best protection.