Is a Bigger Company Better?

IMS Insurance

Agencies looking to offer comprehensive insurance services are often limited in scope by their physical location. Licensing requirements for insurance agents will vary by state, and reciprocity amongst states is not always guaranteed. For brokers and underwriters desiring to grow into a more national carrier, acquisitions of other companies is sometimes necessary to expand their services. IMS Insurance, a former Texas underwriter, is a prime example of acquisition gains to enlarge service area.

Insurance acquisitions actually bring several benefits to the clients and customers of the overall company. These include:

  • Expanded servicing areas
  • Lower rates for all clients
  • Increased access to unique policy specializations
  • Wholesale services for commercial needs
  • Access to a host of experienced agents and personnel

Prior to their merger with a national company, IMS Insurance was a leading Texas provider of insurance services covering general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, inland marine, excess liability, business packages and more. Now, clients and potential customers have access to an even wider selection of services and support staff.

Industry diversity poses no problems for an insurance agency that has partnered with other providers. Unique areas such as entertainment, finance, education, healthcare, staffing services, transportation and even environmental services can be better serviced by national carriers.
Agents with experience and a host of policy opportunities are with IMS Insurance and waiting to help you find the coverage you need.