Insuring Against Marine Repair Disasters

ship repairers insurance program

Making ship repairs can be a long, tricky process, and the outcomes affect both your ship repair company and your clients. Between the necessity to provide safe, effective repairs with minimal risk and the requirement to do it faster, better and more reliably than the competition, ship repairers are under a lot of pressure. A ship repairers insurance program can ease the strain.

Repairs are necessary to keep marine vessels seaworthy, and the skilled tradesmen who perform marine maintenance are prized by naval defense programs, commercial enterprises and private yacht owners alike. However, the reality of ship repair is that accidents occur even with optimal planning. Wind, weather, human error and unforeseen circumstances can all play a role.

Without adequate insurance, ship repair companies may be liable for damages that occur during the repair process and while the vessel is being transported to or from the owner. These companies also are accountable for any worksite accidents. The costs of such circumstances can be catastrophic for the ship repairers who are so essential for keeping any ship afloat.

Through a ship repairers insurance program, your company can protect itself, its laborers and its clients from the financial consequences of errors and damages that occur during the repair process.