Insurance Companies Require the Right Errors and Omissions Policies to Stay Protected

While the insurance industry is tasked with protecting other businesses from risk, insurance companies themselves must also secure suitable coverage. This includes errors and omissions (E and O) insurance, which is crucial to preventing client dissatisfaction with services rendered from destroying your business. Thats why finding the right E and O insurance for insurance agents is so vital to continued success within the industry.

Understanding Errors and Omissions Insurance

In order to procure a suitable policy, one must first understand what is offered by errors and omissions insurance. Also known as professional liability coverage, these policies provide financial support should a company be faced with claims alleging negligence. This includes covering defense fees, as well as affording funding should judgments be made against your company. Even if claims are without merit, courts costs could end up derailing your company indefinitely.

Focuses of Industry-Specific Errors and Omission Policies

Reliable E and O insurance for insurance agents must provide coverage for many different focuses related to the industry. These can include:

  • Insurance Wholesalers
  • Brokers Dealing in Reinsurance
  • Program Managers
  • Managing General Agents/Underwriters
  • Claims Agencies
  • Captive Managers
  • Hard to Place Insurance Specialists

Covering the above focuses can help keep your company on solid ground, which is why its so important to secure those policies tailored to insurance industry needs.

Keep Your Company Protected No Matter What

Making certain your insurance company remains protected against damaging allegations is essential to thriving as a business. To this end, choosing a reliable errors and omissions policy can be extremely important to warding off claims of negligence made by clients.