Insurance Carriers Require Responsive Business Tools

Business Owners Package

Business Owners Package

Insurance carriers are very unique companies; they are in the business of keeping others in business through the provision of coverage policies. These policies are crafted around rate quotes so it is necessary for insurance carriers to access useful, up-to-date information that is reflective of contemporary coverage concerns. Multi-state policies and terrorism coverage ratings are just two of the concerns that today’s insurance carriers have to respond to.

Tools that let you do more

A business owners package rating module provides insurance carriers, program administrators, MGAs, and others access to the information necessary to craft insurance policies that are relevant and responsive to changing needs.

Versatile search options are an integral part of the top business owners package rating modules used by insurance carriers. Your rating module should allow you to search by ISO Classification or by ISO Territory using a ZIP code or city and county data. Free form coverage entry and the option to integrate with NetPPS Policy Printing System lets you start putting the raw information to work right away.

A flexible, dynamic suite of tools

By using a powerful rating module you can accomplish all necessary policy lifecycle processing tasks including renewals, endorsements, and cancellations. An in-depth calculation worksheet will help reflect the nuanced reality to contemporary insurance needs. Additionally, policies that span multiple states will also be supported by a business owners package rating module.

Insurance carriers need tools that are adaptive and responsive to changing needs. A rating model made for business owners will help you serve your customers better.