How To Protect Your Bank From Mobile Deposit Scams


For the vast majority of banks and credit unions, mobile banking has become a more convenient way to allow consumers to access their bank accounts. However, with this highly accessible feature comes a number of serious risks, such as mobile deposit fraud. Here is what your bank can do to protect itself from mobile deposit scams.

Educate Consumers

To keep fraud at bay, it’s important to educate your customers on the risks associated with mobile banking. Consumers should take the following precautions to protect themselves from fraud:

  • Never divulge personal information
  • Log into mobile accounts at least once a week
  • Check for suspicious activity on a regular basis

Because many fraud incidents are simply a result of a lack of awareness or caution, educating your customers properly can help to deter many fraudsters.

Invest in the Right Insurance

While keeping your customers well informed is crucial, you also need to do your part to keep your bank protected from fraud. Investing in the right bank crime insurance for your needs can help you stay safe in the event of mobile deposit or wire fraud. As seen on, having the proper coverage can help your bank recover from the lost funds or legal fees that may result from a financial scam.

Experiencing mobile deposit fraud can be a major setback for your bank. However, with the appropriate coverage, you can recover quickly and return to business.