How to Minimize Shoplifting in Your Store

Shoplifters can be very crafty, concealing items in their clothing and personal effects. Not only that, but they often know how to steal without raising any suspicion. Since time immemorial, thieves have taken what does not belong to them, and retail establishments have tried to prevent this kind of loss. But what can they do to keep their property safe?

Minimize Areas of Concealment

Camera footage is only as valuable as the amount of space it can cover. Shoplifters know to look for areas that are not under surveillance. For optimal retail theft prevention, cameras should be arranged to minimize any invisible corners or places that cannot be seen. The more camera footage you have, the more likely you are to nail a shoplifter with concrete evidence on your side.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Customers

Shoplifters often avoid store personnel – and that means they avoid both interaction and eye contact. Have your employees make a habit of interacting with everyone in the store. A little bit of awareness can go a long way toward making shoplifters feel like your store is not the place to commit a crime. You want your employees to be approachable and confident, and not afraid to greet people and ask if they need any help.

Shoplifting can’t be prevented entirely, but your careful attention could help to prevent loss.