How Occupational Accident Coverage Protects Trucking Companies

In the trucking industry, safety is not always guaranteed. Even with the best risk mitigation strategies and adherence to safety protocol, accidents happen. Without trucking occupational accident insurance, your company could be liable for the medical bills of independent contractors.

Protect Your Independent Contractors

Occupational accident insurance is similar to workers’ compensation. When you hire an independent contractor, he or she is not classified as an employee and does not have to be given workers’ compensation benefits.

If he or she suffers injuries in an accident or damage to the truck, then he or she cannot claim workers’ compensation. Instead, if you have occupational accident truck insurance, then that would go into effect instead.

Protect Your Business

When an independent contractor suffers injuries on the job, he or she may be unable to claim workers’ compensation but the driver may still file a lawsuit against your company. In the lawsuit, he or she may claim that compensation is owed. If you have coverage for your independent contractors, you are less likely to face a lawsuit or the legal fees that go with it.

Accidents can happen to anyone. To ensure that your contractors are protected and your company will not have to pay large legal fees, you may need an occupational accident policy.