How Insurance Can Benefit Your Bar

bar insurance

If you own a bar, you understand the unique place this type of business can hold in a neighborhood. Bars are places of celebration, community or just old-fashion unwinding after a long week. With this in mind, you know how important it is to protect your establishment. Bar insurance has several benefits that can guard your business’s future.

General Liability

In the case of an accident on your premises, a customer may attempt to sue. Even if you win the case, defending in court can be expensive. General liability insurance can ensure that your business isn’t financially effected in the event that a patron takes a spill.

Excess Liability

If you worry that your business needs coverage beyond general liability, excess liability coverage can ease your fears. This type of coverage extends the financial limits and can protect your establishment from the repercussions of a catastrophic liability claim.

Liquor Liability

As the owner of an establishment that primarily serves alcohol, this can be an especially important aspect of coverage. Liquor liability can cover the costs in the event a victim of drunk driving decides to sue your business due to a patron’s actions, an unfortunately common scenario.

Bar insurance can protect your business in a number of different situations and keep your establishment financially sound. Your bar is an important part of the neighborhood, and you want it to be around for years to come.