Going Beyond Commercial Auto Liability


Many businesses think that a commercial auto policy is enough to address the risks associated with their company vehicles and operations. However, the research found on www.wwspi.com/ indicates that this insurance will only apply to company-owned vehicles, and coverage is not extended to rental cars or any non owned auto used for company purposes.

Forgotten Exposures

Many companies simply forget about the risks associated with employee-driven vehicles when asking the receptionist to pick up lunch or having the sales team drive their personal cars out to a meeting. If the employee gets into an accident while on company time and for work purposes, claims of liability can be made against the company as well as the driver of the vehicle.

Range of Application

Beyond the employee vehicle coverage, a non owned auto policy also takes effect in the following situations:

A rental car is used for a tradeshow or sales seminar.
A rental van or truck is used to transfer goods.
A chauffeur is sent to pick up an important client.
An employee gets into an accident while doing office errands.

Many times this supplemental coverage can be packaged into an existing commercial auto policy. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone and tailored to the exposure your company faces. Having this additional loss protection is highly recommended for any size company.