Get the Most Protection Out of Liquor Liability Insurance

nightclub liquor liability insurance

Once a business owner purchases nightclub liquor liability insurance, the likelihood of an alcohol-fueled incident causing financial difficulty is greatly lessened. To get even more protection out of a liquor liability plan, business owners may want to also purchase assault and battery coverage. Some of these plans only cover patron-on-patron violence, while others also cover incidents that involve employees (being forced to eject an unruly patron, for example). It can be helpful to purchase both forms of coverage to ensure the business owner isn’t saddled with excessive force lawsuits or property damage. Of course, assault and battery protection can also extend to violent incidents unconnected to alcohol consumption.

In addition to purchasing comprehensive coverage, nightclub owners can help protect their business by taking a few simple preventative measures. Prioritizing the training of employees and managerial staff to assertively refuse to serve already inebriated patrons can be an effective way to avoid possibly dangerous incidents. Encouraging taxis or designated driver use and endeavoring to make contact information readily available is a best practice. Requiring and enforcing the careful measuring of cocktails helps to ensure that employees can keep track of patron alcohol consumption. Nightclub liquor liability insurance is a smart first step, but savvy business owners can take further steps to ensure their business is receiving as much protection as possible.