How to Get Post-DUI Insurance

NJ insurance after DUI

Nobody wants to receive a conviction for driving under the influence. Those that do can expect to lose their driving privileges, pay more for insurance, and suffer other financial harm. For those who need NJ insurance after DUI conviction, there are some strategies for getting a policy.

If you have received a DUI conviction, you will probably have to pay considerably more for automobile insurance. In fact, most DUI offenders pay up to 95% more for insurance coverage. Your best strategy for getting a policy that will work for you is to budget more for coverage. Then, try to save a bit extra each month to cover the cost of your insurance premiums.

Even though you have a DUI conviction on your record, you might be able to benefit from shopping around for a policy. When you do, be forthcoming about your conviction so that you receive accurate insurance quotes. Also, make sure you understand any legal requirements stemming from your DUI conviction. You may have to obtain special SR-22 insurance or take other steps to get an insurance policy following a DUI conviction.

Getting an insurance policy after a DUI conviction can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. With a bit of work, you should probably be able to find NJ insurance after DUI conviction.