Why Get Dog Bite Insurance

dog bite homeowners insurance

Because dog bites account for a large amount of money in medical bills and liability claims every year, dogs can sometimes be seen as a risk to some insurance companies and property managers. It may seem unfair to have to pay extra for owning a dog, especially if your dog is trained and well-behaved. However, you cannot account for everything, so dog bite homeowners insurance is important for any dog owner.

You may have an insurance company that covers animals as part of your overall homeowners insurance package. However, it is not wise to rely on this insurance alone, especially if you have multiple dogs, live in an area with many kids, or have a dog that has shown aggressive tendencies in the past. This is because some basic homeowners insurance will only cover the first offense, and if your dog hurts someone again you will be on your own.

For the safety of yourself and your animals, be sure to keep your dog close by and make sure they are trained to listen to commands and not wander away from your side. Also look into dog bite homeowners insurance so you aren’t stuck paying out-of-pocket expenses in the rare case that your well-trained pooch has an accident and hurts someone.