Finding the Right Financial Institution Bonds

Financial Institution Bonds

Bonds are a great way to balance your company’s risk management portfolio, especially if you work in finance. In fact, some kinds of financial protection are best achieved through bonds, including fidelity bonds built for institutions just like yours. Financial institution bond coverage goes beyond general fidelity bonds, though. Getting a quote on a customized bond means folding in blanket coverage for a wide variety of risks, including those covered by employee fidelity bonds. Typical additions to an institution’s bond coverage also include cyber theft, damage or loss of personal property, and additional coverage for dishonest acts that more general bonds may not cover in their provisions.

Blanket Coverage for Your Institution

Instead of having to quote fidelity bonds for each employee role and scale them to the number in your organization, many financial bond suppliers can create a broad bond that meets coverage needs in each area as well as having its own limit overall, allowing you to consolidate your purchase and minimize the cost of the coverage. This simplifies the renewal process if you need to change the amount of coverage you carry due to changes in your organizational structure, too. Take advantage of the expertise that risk management specialists in this field can bring to your financial bond assessment and purchasing process today.