Essential Steps You Can Take To Legally Protect Your Identity

If you’re currently looking into getting legal shield insurance coverage, chances are that you’re concerned about protecting your identity from criminal activity. Unfortunately, identity theft is a prominent threat and may require several protective measures to avoid. Here are some essential legal steps you can take to protect your and your family’s identities.

Request Credit Monitoring From the Major Bureaus

One easy step to take right away is to request credit monitoring from one or all of the major credit bureaus. Beyond regularly checking your own credit score, you can ask the bureaus to alert you in the event of:

  • Sudden changes on your account
  • Potentially suspicious activity
  • New inquiries that did not come from you
  • Changes to your spouse’s or dependents’ accounts

Consider Getting Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

You may also want to get identity theft insurance coverage to help mitigate damage in the event of an identity breach. Depending on your policy, you could get covered for:

  • Legal fees and expenses
  • Lost wages due to identity theft
  • Notary expenses
  • Document replacement costs
  • Reapplication fees for loans or bank accounts

From getting adequate legal shield insurance coverage to regularly checking your credit score and getting credit monitoring, there are several essential steps you can take to protect your identity. Mitigate the risk of identity theft by putting these steps into action today.