How Do Errors and Omissions Happen?

Sometimes when insurance agents look at certain types of policies, they can’t help but wonder why such a policy is even necessary. You would think that people who work in professional occupations would perform impeccably and have little to no need for liability protection. Policies for errors and omissions are particularly common for attorneys professional liability insurance. How do errors and omissions happen that such a policy is needed?


In Writing


Attorneys deal with a lot of paperwork. There is paperwork when a contract is made to represent a client. There is paperwork that must be completed and passed back and forth between opposing attorneys and courts. In all of these mountains of paperwork, it is possible for an attorney or an assistant to make a mistake. If that mistake harms the client in any way, it could lead to a lawsuit.


In Conversation


Attorneys also spend a lot of time consulting with clients. In all of the meetings that lawyers have with clients, there may be advice given on how to proceed with a case. Once again, if the client chooses to follow professional advice and is negatively impacted, it could lead to a lawsuit.


To Err Is Human


Human beings are not perfect. Errors and omissions do happen, often by accident. If your client has an attorneys professional liability policy in place, however, it is easier to bounce back from these mistakes. Help your clients to find the right liability policy today.