Entertainment Is a Business: You Need Insurance

Being an entertainer is a creative, fun, and, for many people, a dream career. You don’t have to star in a major motion picture or play the main room at Ceasar’s to make a living as an entertainer. Working local events such as weddings, children’s parties, or popular bars in your area can pay the bills while allowing you to live your dream. Make no mistake, however. You are a businessperson as well as an entertainer, and as such you need insurance to protect your business.

The Tools of Your Trade

As an entertainer, you may have equipment that you need to transport to a gig. A stand-up comic travels light, but DJs and bands have instruments and electronic equipment that may be costly. Magicians and clowns often have props. Moving things from place to place poses the risk of damage. You need to protect your gear.

The Importance of Insurance

You should have insurance for entertainers. In the event of an accident that damages the things you need to perform, you don’t want to have to pay out of pocket. A good insurance policy can cover the cost of repair or replacement and keep you in the game.

As a professional entertainer, you may depend on equipment and other items to make your living. Be sure to protect your valuable assets.