Ensuring Sufficient Premises Liability Coverage

As a business owner, navigating risks around premises liability is essential to staying financially and physically safe as a business. Premises liability lawsuits — in which a claimant asserts injury, in some cases due to perceived negligence by a business owner — are unfortunately not uncommon. Ensuring that you both take adequate steps to decrease risks on your property, and carry sufficient insurance to cover you in the event of a claim, are essential for long-term business sustainability.

What Are Common Premises Liability Cases?

Premises liability cases can vary widely, but typically involve an assertion that a property owner was negligent in some aspect of managing a property, and that led to injury. This may include:

  • Pet bites
  • Leaks and other water damage
  • Slips and falls, particularly due to winter weather conditions
  • Injury due to a lack of premises security
  • Inhalation/ingestion of hazardous substances

This list is not comprehensive, because essentially any injury from perceived negligence can end up as a premises liability case. Likewise, injuries resulting from the above or similar scenarios may not have standing to be premises liability cases, depending on other contextual factors.

In general, working with your insurer to put risk management strategies into place, and to carry adequate premises liability insurance, is essential to avoid damaging financial lawsuits.