Employee Benefits for Workplace Injuries

North Carolina Workers Comp

According to North Carolina Workers Comp law, if your company employs more than three individuals, you are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits. In the event of a workplace accident, this insurance will supplement the employer’s financial responsibility to the individual injured and it should alleviate the threat of a lawsuit.

In order to have coverage that is compliant with the law, be sure your policy includes the following:

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Death and dismemberment

Employee injuries are not standard and can vary in severity. Common industrial accidents usually include knee, joint or shoulder injuries, as well as back injuries. The North Carolina Workers Comp law also includes coverage for occupational diseases. These are illnesses that are a result of the hazards found in the workplace environment. One of the more common claims against this is exposure to asbestos.

Working to minimize your risks and exposure is one of the best defenses against workplace injury. Thoroughly training your employees in safety measures, as well as hiring only qualified individuals to operate in certain locations is another strong measure of protection. You can always turn to your insurance provider for a risk assessment or a more tailored policy to address areas of weakness that may arise in your operations.