Cyber Threats on the Rise

Every type of business and even nonprofit organizations need to be cognizant of the various forms of cyber threats that they face. These threats are becoming more advanced.

Information Theft

Stealing data is one of the most common goals of cyber attacks. Cybercriminals will infiltrate a corporation’s network to appropriate information. In some instances, the objective is to access a corporation’s valuable information. In other situations, the target is the personal information of a corporation’s customers or clients.


Even a good antivirus program cannot defeat all types of malware. The criminals who engineer these programs are continually working to stay one step ahead of the most popular antivirus programs.


When a corporation has experienced a breach, it may not become aware of it for some time. While a third party has gone undetected, it can wreak a lot of damage. One tactic of cybercriminals is to generate fraudulent communications from within a network. An employee may receive an email requesting financial information or issuing instructions that appears to be from a coworker but are in fact from a thief.

Understanding the way that these breaches may affect day-to-day operations can help corporations form a strategic risk management plan. Good policies in addition to good insurance coverage are both vital safeguards against cyber threats.