Cyber Safety in the Workplace

Cyber Safety in the Workplace

With the surge of technology being worldwide for personal and business use, there are a growing number of things to consider when it comes to computer safety. Because computers are no longer isolated machines thanks to internet connections, it is paramount that each user learns how to use computers responsibly. In a business setting, this is typically non-negotiable considering the consequences of having a higher volume of sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully, by adhering to a certain protocol, practicing good habits and being proactive by getting coverage for cyber liability, computers can continue to be a useful tool for everyday use.

Safe Computer Use

While it is recommended that all users should practice good computer habits, they are likely even more enforced and part of a stricter policy in the workplace. Some practices with which many employees may be familiar include the following:

Restriction of personal computer use on company computers

Allowing the information to only be exchanged among others in a contained network

Using only official business email accounts

Even after following all the rules and practicing the best netiquette, the threats that exist to your computer system may not be fully eliminated. However, having coverage for cyber liability can help fill in the gaps and make it much easier to recover from current and evolving cyber threats.