Cyber Risks on the Rise for Medical Imaging

Cyber Risks in Medical Imaging

Healthcare companies are not immune to cyberattacks and data breaches. With the growing use of electronic medical records, the risks for a cyberattack have increased in recent years. The cyber risks in medical imaging have risen as a result.

Image Storage

Radiologists and radiology companies store digital images from a variety of scans from basic x-rays to PET scans and MRIs. These images are often stored in picture archiving and communication systems for a more efficient diagnosis. The services can connect with a medical provider’s EMR system to improve patient care.

Cyber Risk

As seen on, these PACS and vendor-neutral archives store more than simply the image. They often include patient sensitive information. Each time a provider or approved staff member accesses the system, they increase the opportunity for a breach.

Security Vulnerabilities

Healthcare companies have become increasingly under attack in the past few years. The cyberattacks are not simply ransomware or spyware on computers. Hackers are attacking the equipment themselves.

The increased cyber risks in medical imaging mean healthcare providers have to prioritize cybersecurity. While updating the software systems of the devices is important, a robust security system can help reduce the risk of attack. Providers should consider all the ways they can implement to reduce their risks of a data breach or other cyberattacks.