Custom-Coverage Can Protect Your Staffing Firm From Many Risks

Temporary Insurance Staffing

Custom insurance coverage is especially crucial when it comes to temporary insurance staffing, as staffing firms face many diverse risks due to the often unpredictable nature of this industry. For this reason, it’s highly important for all staffing agencies to secure the coverage necessary to remain protected no matter what.

What Type Coverage Does Your Staffing Firm Need?

Comprehensive coverage requires a variety of policies to ensure your staffing firm has the protection it needs. The following is just a sampling of the types of policies that should be included in a dependable temporary insurance staffing plan:

  • Professional Liability - Providing the best service is important not only for ongoing success, but to also avoid damaging lawsuits from occurring. A professional liability policy can cover those instances where a client alleges less than satisfactory service from a staffing firm, no matter what that may entail.
  • Employment Practices Liability  – Claims of discrimination or harassment can be extremely detrimental to a company and its employees. Employment practices liability can help address such claims, for both in-house employees, as well as contract workers temporarily employed by staffing agency clients.

The Right Insurance Can Make All the Difference

When it comes to temporary insurance staffing, the best plan will be one that allows customization of available policies. This will ensure that a company remains covered no matter what occurs, while also preventing gaps in coverage that can prove extremely harmful to a business’s overall financial stability.


photo credit: Spring Meeting 2014 (license)