Who Is Covered by Staffing Agency Insurance?

vendor management services

vendor management services

Staffing agency insurance is specially designed to cover vendor management services, temporary employment, and companies that provide staff to employers. Though similar in some ways to other businesses, these types of companies have unique sets of employees and very specific needs. These are the main types of workers who are covered by staffing agency insurance policies.

Permanent Employees

Permanent employees are the ones that work at your staffing agency and perform the duties of vendor management services. People like the workers who set up contracts with new companies and hire new contract employees. These workers need the same coverage that employees at any company need, including worker’s compensation. The company itself needs insurance to protect it against lawsuits brought by employees, whether those lawsuits have merit or not.

Contract Employees

Contract employees are not covered by the same policies as permanent employees, but they do need protection when they are out on the job. If something occurs while a contract employee is at work, he or she may decide that the staffing agency is to blame for putting them in a dangerous situation. In the event that this happens, the staffing agency needs a particular type of liability insurance to protect it.

Visitors and Clients

Non-employee visitors to your staffing agency’s office also require liability insurance to protect your company in the event of an accident.