Considerations for Businesses That Serve Alcohol

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Considerations for Businesses That Serve Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a part of many people’s pastimes especially when it comes to unwinding, celebrating or socializing with others. While many people may enjoy doing this in their own home or other private residences, others enjoy doing it while surrounded by a more lively or interactive atmosphere such those found in bars, lounges, nightclubs, restaurants and other venues. This can be very beneficial for the hospitality business. Serving alcohol doesn’t just make these venues an appealing destination, but it can also provide significant profits to keep them afloat. However, when alcohol is involved, there are certain exposures that must be considered that should be discussed with the hospitality insurance group providing coverage for the venue.

Risks in Serving Alcohol

Though many incidents involving alcohol may be the uneventful or minor thanks to the efforts of responsible employees and patrons, the consequences of an alcohol-related mishap due to ignorance, negligence or oversight can be harmful to a business. Serving alcohol has inherent risks such as the following:

Intoxication from excessive drinking

Alcohol mistakenly served to a minor

Alcohol-related accidents, injury or death

Because of this, it can be extremely risky, not to mention illegal, to serve alcohol without the proper licensing and permits. In addition, with the advice of a knowledgeable hospitality insurance group, it is possible to have that extra line of protection to reduce these risks.