Common Fears Associated With Dentists

Laguna Beach Dentists

Many people feel anxious at the mere thought of visiting the dentist’s office. In order to overcome these phobias, it is important to understand where they might be coming from so that you can see one of the many skilled Laguna Beach dentists out there. Some people are concerned about feeling any level of discomfort while sitting in the chair. Other individuals cannot handle the smells associated with the office. Many people simply do not like feeling as though they have a lack of control over the situation, which can also play a role in someone being afraid of flying in an airplane. Finally, some people had a bad experience with a dentist in childhood and carry that fear into adulthood.

The biggest concern with any of these fears is that they are going to prevent people from seeing the dentist on a regular basis. If you do not schedule an appointment once every six months, then plaque and bacteria are only going to build up further on your teeth, resulting in more extensive treatments to cure. Common coping mechanisms for dealing with any anxieties is distracting yourself while you are getting work done or talking with the dentist about any fear you are feeling. Many Laguna Beach dentists are available to assist you, and you can even discuss the possibility of getting sedation dentistry.