Cyber Safety in the Workplace

Cyber Safety in the Workplace With the surge of technology being worldwide for personal and business use, there are a growing number of things to consider when it comes to computer safety. Because computers are no longer isolated machines thanks to internet connections, it is paramount that each user learns how to use computers responsibly. In a business setting, this […]

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Fundamental Insurance Coverages For New Trucking Companies

transportation insurance companies

As a new trucking company, transportation insurance companies are lining up to present you with their quotes. As you sift through the various options, it’s good to have an understanding of what’s actually going to be covered by your policy. While it would take a far longer article to discuss all the possible coverage options available to you, here are […]

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Top Ways Lawyers Benefit from Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers professional liability insurance in Torrance

The legal arena comes with its own pitfalls as clients can allege lawyers neglected to fulfill their contractual obligations. Lawyers professional liability insurance in Torrance covers the financial loss occurring due to allegations. True or not, these allegations take time away from work and can cause financial loss for the firm. While not often state mandated, attorneys can benefit from […]

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Making Sure Your Marina Is Properly Insured

Insurance programs for marinas

Insurance programs for marinas, like the marinas themselves, come in many shapes and sizes. Whether your marina is a small facility where boats come for the night or a large multi-use facility offering docking, sailing classes and long-term storage, there is an insurance program for you. Navigating the sea of offerings can be overwhelming, but using an insurance company that […]

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Why Your Manufacturing Company May Need Liability Insurance

manufacturing liability insurance.

Whether your company makes car engines or pot pies, your products likely reach a large of number of people. While your customers provide a source of revenue for your business, they also contribute to potential litigation risk. When creating a comprehensive risk management strategy, it is important that companies consider purchasing manufacturing liability insurance. Your business assets are valuable. They […]

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How Much Insurance in Champaign, Illinois Do You Need?

insurance in champaign, Illinois

The amount of insurance coverage each individual needs will vary substantially. Some people only need to focus on personal insurance in Champaign, Illinois while others will also need to look into business insurance. Any vehicle you own, whether it is for personal use or for your company, needs to be fully insured so that if you end up in an […]

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How to Find Excellent Coverage for your Recreational Marine Business

specialty programs

Running a recreational marine business poses a lot of challenges, since large bodies of water and marine vehicles pose risks and challenges shared with no other industry. It’s essential to minimize risk and get excellent insurance coverage in the event that any of your equipment is damaged or fails or if you are liable for anything that happens to a […]

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Why Get Dog Bite Insurance

dog bite homeowners insurance

Because dog bites account for a large amount of money in medical bills and liability claims every year, dogs can sometimes be seen as a risk to some insurance companies and property managers. It may seem unfair to have to pay extra for owning a dog, especially if your dog is trained and well-behaved. However, you cannot account for everything, […]

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