Protecting Your Vendor Management Services

Vendor management services are an important tool for any business. This is especially true for those that manage and procure staffing services for other companies to take advantage of when needed. It allows a business to thoroughly organize their vendor contracts from the first step of the process o the last, and can help make the exchange of goods and […]

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Streamlining Vendor Management

Rating engine insurance

  Any business that relies on vendors to distribute their product know just how important those vendors are to the company. Ensuring a quality performance from these vendors can secure the success of the company and create a trustworthy system. One excellent way to do this is to take advantage of vendor management services. This valuable resource is growing more […]

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Who Is Covered by Staffing Agency Insurance?

Staffing agency insurance is specially designed to cover vendor management services, temporary employment, and companies that provide staff to employers. Though similar in some ways to other businesses, these types of companies have unique sets of employees and very specific needs. These are the main types of workers who are covered by staffing agency insurance policies. Permanent Employees Permanent employees […]

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