Business Insurance Provides Protection So You Can Rest Assured

Glen Rock business insurance

For business owners, disaster comes in a variety of ways. Acts of nature, theft or deception, and even injury to employees or clients can lead to insurmountable financial turmoil that can, eventually, deliver the final blows to motivate complete closure. A high-quality Glen Rock business insurance provider can help local businesses to avoid the devastating effects that lead to bankruptcy […]

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Umbrella Policies Protect Your Family From Liability Downpours

Myers in Champaign, Illinois

Families in Champaign, Illinois lead robust, engaging lifestyles. These are the people who seek better adventures to enjoy as a family, who boat on weekends, and who let their homes be the hub of activity for all the children of the neighborhood. It is good to be in a position to live well and enable your children to play happily […]

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What Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and omissions insurance, also known as E&O insurance, is coverage that protects the insured against flaws in their designs or analyses that result in excessive cost to their customer. The sorts of project errors that might be covered under errors and omissions insurance in New Jersey include: Design errors in building plans and engineering drawings Event plans that were […]

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Insurance Companies Require the Right Errors and Omissions Policies to Stay Protected

While the insurance industry is tasked with protecting other businesses from risk, insurance companies themselves must also secure suitable coverage. This includes errors and omissions (E and O) insurance, which is crucial to preventing client dissatisfaction with services rendered from destroying your business. Thats why finding the right E and O insurance for insurance agents is so vital to continued […]

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Two Crucial Considerations for Professionals Purchasing E&O Insurance

Choosing the right errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy can be a difficult task for both experienced and uninitiated professionals. These policies can be highly tailored, which means that choosing the ideal option can require extra effort. If you are preparing to buy E&O insurance, make sure to consider the following factors before you commit to a policy. Your Relative […]

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Potential Costs of Forgoing Errors & Omissions Insurance

Many professionals question whether they should take out Errors & Omissions insurance or simply save money in the short run by avoiding the E&O insurance cost. Although the initial savings may be tempting, it’s crucial for professionals to understand the costs that people who lack E&O insurance coverage may face.   Investigation and Defense   If even one claim of […]

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