Why Your Company Needs Business Auto Insurance

Countless industries use business vehicles as a regular part of the workday, to make deliveries, get to job sites, as part of the general contracting process, and for other reasons. If you regularly use automobiles for business purposes, carrying comprehensive business auto insurance is necessary to protect your assets in the event of an incident. What Should Business Auto Insurance Cover? […]

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Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage

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Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage   Having a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy (HNOA) carries many benefits for your business, all while protecting your business from certain risks and liabilities. If your business doesn’t own any commercial vehicles, your employees may need to rely on their own vehicles for sales meetings, making the bank deposit, or running […]

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3 Extra Expenses That Your Car Insurance Might Cover

car insurance in Tennessee

Standard liability coverage helps pay for damages when you cause an accident, and collision coverage provides additional protection for you and your passengers when someone else causes the accident. However, your insurance policy can do much more. When looking for car insurance in Tennessee, consider adding these extra benefits to your plan. 1. Theft, Fire and Vandalism Coverage Standard plans […]

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Understanding Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Hired non-owned auto

Almost every business has risks associated with automobiles, even if they don’t readily recognize it. In fact, if you have employees, there is a chance you could be held accountable for their actions even while they are driving their own vehicles. Here are a few things you should know about hired non-owned auto coverage, and how it can protect you […]

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Insurance on the Move

If you plan on moving to Virginia, there’s one thing you’ll want to consider. Is your auto insurance VA compliant? Naturally, you have other things on your mind, but insurance is one of those things that never seems important until it is. States have varying requirements for minimum insurance coverage and it’s important that you let your provider know when […]

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Turn Risk Into Relief With Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Whenever company business requires one of your employees to get behind the wheel of a rental car or personal vehicle, your staffing firm is exposed to liability. Your company doesn’t have to be at risk, however. Hired non owned auto insurance is the solution. It will serve as a supplement to the driver’s personal auto liability insurance, protecting your company […]

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