Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage

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Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage


Having a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy (HNOA) carries many benefits for your business, all while protecting your business from certain risks and liabilities. If your business doesn’t own any commercial vehicles, your employees may need to rely on their own vehicles for sales meetings, making the bank deposit, or running errands. This presents a risk of a significant liability lawsuit. This is where a hired non-owned policy comes into play.


Defining Non-owned Auto Coverage


With hired and non-owned coverage, you can help take the risks of business operations that use personal vehicles and transfer it to an insurance company in the event of a liability claim. For instance, if an employee has a fender bender with another car while out picking up the office lunch, the company could be sued for damages or injuries. As advised by the team at World Wide Speciality Programs, there are four prime reasons for obtaining HNOA coverage.

  1. It provides a response to liability claims.
  2. It can provide reimbursement for litigation costs.
  3. The protection can apply to all types of employees.
  4. It extends coverage for gaps in a basic auto insurance policy.

Extending your coverage to non-owned policy gives you and your employees more options when needing a vehicle for business purposes. It protects your company from financial chaos should a liability claim arise following an accident.