Canine Liability Insurance Protects You And Your Dog

Insurance policies for homeowners or renters often exclude liability coverage for pets. In Florida dog bite quotes can be hard to find, and certain breeds can’t even be legally owned in Florida. A dog owner of any type or breed is at risk for a liability claim and should never be uninsured. Over four million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, and children receive the worst injuries. Typically, the people with the closest ties to the dog are the ones most frequently bitten, including family, friends and neighbors. Having insurance prevents a strain in these important relationships. A recommended amount of coverage is 300,000 for a medium-sized dog, but an umbrella policy can cover you up to 1 million, for extra peace of mind.

It is possible to avoid the hassle of getting dog liability added to your homeowner or renter’s insurance by buying it directly as stand-alone coverage. Considering that many homeowner insurance policies won’t cover pets, and those that do can use confusing language or may change policy coverage terms when you least expect it, this can be a better option. Canine Liability insurance will cover any breed of dog, even dogs with a history of aggression, at a reasonable price. Getting Florida dog bite quotes is as easy as looking online for those companies who specialize in offering this specific form of coverage.