Benefits of a Staffing Agency Vs. the Gig Economy

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With the rise of the gig economy, many staffing firms may be concerned about their ability to position themselves favorably with employers and potential employees. Staffing agencies offer employers benefits not found in the gig economy. Staffing insurance solutions help your agency attract more potential employees and clients.


The gig economy lacks supervision, something a staffing agency handles well. Business owners can count on a staffing agency to step in when there is a problem with the employee.


A temporary employee through a staffing agency is easy to classify as 1099 unless they become a full-time employee. Gig workers run the risk of being misclassified as W-2 employees costing the business more money.


Many staffing agencies offer training for their staff prior to placing them in a position. Employees are often tested on their skills to provide business clients with the right person for the position. The gig economy lacks that benefit and can be hit or miss on who is hired.

The gig economy cannot displace the value of a staffing agency in recruiting and staffing companies throughout the nation. These benefits help set your staffing agency apart from the gig economy. Ensure your business and offer the client the advantages created by staffing insurance solutions.