The Basics of Financial Guaranty Insurance Coverage

financial guaranty insurance policy

In today’s tumultuous economy, banking institutions and other financial organizations face more threats than ever before. From advanced technology that makes it easier than ever for hackers to retrieve data and confidential customer information to outrageous consumer spending habits that have lead to increasing rates of credit default, it’s a wonder that individuals still choose to invest in finances at all. However, with the right protections in place, financial institutions can be extremely lucrative. Whether you already have a stake in a bank or other financial organization or are thinking about exploring the wonderful world of finance, make sure you have a good financial guaranty insurance policy in place. If you’re unsure of what that is, keep reading.

A financial guarantee is a contract of insurance that basically backs money lost due to any one of the following:

  • The financial failure of any business venture
  • The financial default, failure, liquation or insolvency of any person
  • A change in level of interest rates
  • A change in the value of securities, commodities, lands or buildings
  • A change in exchange rates

While those are not the only instances covered by a financial guarantee, they are the most common reasons for the monetary loss. If you’re interested in obtaining a comprehensive financial guaranty insurance policy for your venture, talk with an agency about your business plan, perceived risks, and the best products to protect your assets and your reputation.