At Sea Exposures and Liabilities for Transport Ships

iSure Insurance

For many business owners, buying insurance is a dreaded requirement. Many think they are safe from risks and exposures, but at the end of the day, they just aren’t willing to take the chance. So, they invest in the premiums but usually with reservations. However, for some industries, it’s a matter of perspective. With those who deal with marine shipping, the cargo brokers in Miami can attest to the importance of protecting the transport load.

Cargo Risks

According to the research done by iSure Insurance professionals, cargo deliveries can be jeopardized by the following:

Accidental misdirection
Delivery delays
Customs challenges
Pest infestations

Any loss experienced could hurt more than the bottom line of the contract for the goods. Loss of goods can hurt the company reputation, which ultimately affects profit margins. There is an estimated six million shipping containers that cross international waters and the threats of gusting winds, large waves, pirates, and other causes can compromise the ability for the cargo to reach its destination. When there is a marine insurance policy in place, the funds needed to recover from the situation are available. Whether the company deals with imports or exports of raw materials and goods or it is a manufacturer or wholesaler, comprehensive cargo coverage is one of the few ways a business investment can be guaranteed from total loss in the event of a maritime incident.