A Short Guide To Insurance Coverage For Power Outage Losses

Power outages happen. Sometimes they are due to a powerful storm or flooding and other times they are planned shut-offs by power companies. When these outages happen, they can be absolutely devastating to businesses. Food and beverages spoil and businesses lose revenue while continuing to incur expenses. Luckily, insurance coverage for power outage losses can help mitigate a lot of these losses.

What Are The Insurance Options For Power Outage Losses?

When power outages occur, they tend to cost businesses a lot of money. Luckily, insurance can cover many power outage related losses. Loss of income coverage can pick up a lot of outage related costs, as long as the outage is due to outside events.  Spoilage coverage can pay for spoiled food and beverages.

What Power Outage Losses Cannot Be Covered?

In some cases, insurance companies deny claims of losses made by businesses due to power outages. These cases generally take place when power outages are caused by planned shut-offs by power companies. These events typically fall outside of the usual coverage limits because they are intentional and not caused by outside sources.

Power outages can be devastating to businesses. Loss of income coverage and spoilage coverage can go a long way towards helping everything run far more smoothly.