A Life Insurance Option for all Ages

Single Premium Life Insurance policy

It is not too late or too early to invest in life insurance. A Single Premium Life Insurance policy is available for ages ranging from that of a newborn to the age of 85. Paying a one-time premium and securing a life insurance policy is one way to provide a financial safety net for the future. Because it is a straightforward and single premium policy, purchasing policies for loved ones is a simple way to increase the size of that net even further.

Whether a grandparent purchases life insurance for a grandchild or a parent purchases life insurance for a newborn, both actions reflect forward-thinking motives and give the gift of financial security. Overtime, the policy will accumulate in value. Further down the road, dividends may be available to help pay for school or fund future investments. It can also be used as collateral for loans an individual eventually may face during some financially-strained years.

Investing in this Single Premium Life Insurance policy means receiving the benefits of investing in the local community. This is because the money is used to support various programs instead of far-off shareholders. Additionally, purchasing a policy for oneself means that after death, financial security will help alleviate the disorientating emotional stress associated with loosing a loved one and allow people to instead peacefully come together.