3 Ways LegalShield Insurance Protects Individuals and Businesses

A top-tier insurance agency has access to all types of insurance through reputable insurance carriers, saving customers time and money. Specialized insurance plans protect individuals, families and businesses against risk by identifying exposures and crafting insurance plans that address these risks. An exceptional agency will offer additional services that mitigate losses and ensure client security. One service furnished by an expert insurance company is LegalShield insurance

A LegalShield plan charges a small monthly payment instead of expensive hourly lawyer fees and provides access to experienced attorneys who can help you with any legal issue. LegalShield insurance delivers legal help – not a huge legal bill – with programs that supply comprehensive coverage for the following:

1. Individuals and Families

  • Covering individuals and loved ones in case of accidents and changing life events.
  • Securing legal advice involving document creation such as standard and living wills and powers of attorney.

2. Small Businesses

  • Assisting a company with document and contract reviews.
  • Addressing specific legal issues from patents to taxes and debt collection assistance.

3. New Businesses

  • Enabling a new business to confidently launch with professional legal advisors.
  • Preparing proper documentation and risk assessment.

LegalShield pioneered affordable legal services over 48 years ago and today provides access to lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience. Attorneys assist with the exact type of law required and respond within 15 minutes for emergency situations. LegalShield insurance attorneys’ sole focus is not on billing – but on serving and promoting the peace of mind of their clients.