3 Types of Businesses That Need Hospitality Insurance

hospitality insurance Tennessee

Not all businesses are alike, which means not all businesses need the same type of insurance. A company that provides hospitality services requires specialized hospitality insurance in Tennessee. Does your company fit the bill?

Motels and Hotels

If you operate a motel, hotel or other type of business that allows guests to stay overnight, you will need a hospitality insurance package. The package should include property insurance for your own building and equipment as well as insurance to protect your guests’ property.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars also require specialized hospitality insurance coverage. The coverage should protect you and your business in the event of break-ins, natural disasters or other unexpected situations. It should cover food contamination, repairs to guest property that becomes damaged while they are visiting your establishment and credit card invoices, among several other things.

Golf Courses

Golf courses not only have buildings, but outdoor areas that patrons use, and owners must ensure they have enough coverage to take care of the entire property. Well-rounded hospitality coverage for golf courses will include insurance to cover any damage caused by golf balls, coverage protection for golf carts and other equipment, insurance for the fairways and putting greens and more.

In addition to specialized hospitality insurance in Tennessee, companies in this industry will also be required workers’ compensation insurance and other insurance according to state law. The exact amount will depend on the industry and size of the business.